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Eco/ Metro/ rear wheel hub

yes. ive got a quick question and I'll be out. For the rear wheel hub bearings can I buy those at a local machine shop or somewhere that sells bearings would they have them? Nor, maybe sell just the bearings? I honestly ' do not' need the whole wheel(rim&tire) ". Any reasonable leed to a speedy solution will sufise'," For i have a 10 yr old angel ", , who's waiting on my rapid mechanical skills to complete this project at hand". Thank you for your prompt attentiveness".. have a nice day"

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I am having similar issue. Searching the site, found these

We sell bearing sets specifically for the Razor EcoSmart scooter which are items numbers RAZ-BEARINGSET205 and RAZ-BEARINGSET206 and only cost a few dollars on our Razor EcoSmart Metro parts page

sorry to hijack this topic but can you tell me what you did to upgrade this scooter power id like to upgrade mine the same as yours minus the paint

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