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2008 E-Max 110s (Broken right brake handle)

Hello! I recently purchased a used 2008 e-max 110s.

I'm very excited about this bike.

Unfortunately, the bike fell over from the kickstand the other day, and the front right brake handle broke off. A local motorcycle mechanic said he cannot fix it because he doesn't know how to order the part(s).

I am hoping that someone here might be able to help me figure out where or how to order a replacement brake handle and potentially a new under board.

According to a relevant e-max manual I have here, I believe I need part number: EM-30106  (Lever, front brake, RH). For the underboard, I believe I will need part number: EM-51040 (Under board, red). I probably also need the EM-11605, EM-50406, EM-50804 (screws and nuts).

I have tried emailing the manufacturer, but so far I have not gotten a reply.

If at all possible, please let me know at your earliest convenience how I might be able to find or acquire these replacement parts.

Thank you very much.


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