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Replacement headlight assemblies

 I am thinking about buying the ebike/scooter in the attached picture.  It presently has a 48v (probably 500 watt motor) and a 20ah SLA battery.  I am hoping the final "product" will be 72v or 96v w/ 1500 watts and a 50ah LiFe battery with a significantly more sophisticated controller (regen, cruise control, reverse, etc)...quite a change, but I am hoping to do it in stages. 

My first question:  the headlight assemblies on this bike are heavily oxidized.  Is it possible to buy replacements?  The dealers here (I live in Beijing) all say it is impossible but I know that they are trying to get me to buy a new bike.  I don't want a new one because, IMHO, they are not any safer than the used one I am looking at, and I think many of the mods I want to make will make the scooter safer. Most people ride these 4-6 miles at a time.  I plan on doing 12-15, one way, and then the return, so I want things to be more durable and safer than the new ones will provide. If replacements are not possible, I have seen cleaning liquids advertised that will removed oxidation from car headlamps.  Will they also work for this?

2.  48v @ 500w to 72v or 96v @ 1,500w is a big power change, especially in the torque. I was thinking about contacting a custom fabrication shop and building a new rear fork for it - cost to me probably $200  Are there other options?

3.  The bike comes with drum brakes front and rear, that are attached to the left side of the wheel.  The new motors I am looking at have assemblies for disk brakes.  Can I attach an assembly to the rear fork to make the change to disk?

Thanks in advance!

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