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Battery charging problem.

Hi, I have just replaced my  2 x 12 v , 12ah  batteries. When I tested the new batteries  prior to placing them into the battery holder I got 12.7 v and 13.2 v and the combined voltage showed 26 v +. Yet when I test the voltage at the charging socket prior to placing them in the scooter, the multimiter showed only 13.2 v.   The reason I replaced them was I thought that they were shot because the scooter refused to move, I failed to see the Diagnostic light flash three times which indicates " A short circuit to the battery connection". I have never had any trouble with the scooter ( which is approx three years old   ) but am wondering if the fact that the scooter does a maximum 1 1/2 mile round trip twice a month the return trip is mainly up a hill, that this short trip regime might have caused the circuit breaker to burn out.  If I push the circuit breaker button in I hear and feel a click.

I should add that the charging time is always 3.5 hours.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Eddie ( UK ).

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If only 13.2 Volts are present at the charger port and it is a 24 Volt battery pack then you might want to double check and make sure that the batteries are wired in series instead of in parallel. 

Every time that a circuit breaker trips it wears out a little so if the circuit breaker has tripped many times then it might be worn out and need replacement. 

Hi, Thank you for your reply.  Firstly, You were correct I did have the wires connected wrong. Second, the scooter is working perfectly. I would like to ask a question, is it possible that the old batteries although both showed 12.6 v after charging were in actual fact shot. They were three years old and because the scooter only travels 1 and a half miles round trip and recharged after each trip ( in the Winter I bring the battery pack in and let the batteries get to room temperature before charging ) that the there wasn't enough life in the batteries and this might have been the problem, hence the fault message? I should also add that when the batteries were only a few months old and I started to go up the hill the light on the dash used to flash and the indicator finger would go from the Green to  Red ?



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