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Scoot n Go speedometer sensor

Where is the speed sensor on a Scoot n Go scooter? I have some wires dangling from a used Scoot n Go scooter, but do not know where they go. One green and one red. I though maybe they connect to a speedometer sensor.

Anyone know where the sensor is?

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I am not familiar with Scoot-N-Go scooters that have speedometers so I would not know what to recommend for that. After the company that sold the original Scoot-N-Go scooter went out of business I remember another company reusing the Scoot-N-Go name so there are Scoot-N-Go scooters out there which we are not familiar with. 

On most electric scooters that have speedometers the speedometer wire or wires plug into the speed controller which sends a signal to the speedometer telling it what speed to display.

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