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Daymak EM1 Wiring Guide

I have an EM1 where they headlights, indicators and display have stopped working. There is a dull light on the display but nothing else. It was an intermittent problem that has no become permanent. I was told it is probably a lose connection but I have no idea what is what when I open the side panel. 

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the EM1 or some advice that might help me 

Thanks very much 

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Unfortunately we do not have or know where to find a wiring diagram for the Daymak EM1, and we have never experienced the same problem with that scooter that you are having so we don't have any specific advice for it. 

Our general advise is to look for any broken or short circuited wires that may be causing the problem and to, one at a time, disconnect, spray with contact cleaner, and reconnect all of the wire connectors. 

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