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Building an electric longboard. Need help!

Hi I am a 13 year old working on an electric skateboard project, but I need a battery, charger, and motor. It would be very helpful and much appreciated if you could help me figure out witch parts work together and witch dont. Thank you! 

To make an electric skateboard requires a battery pack and charger, speed controller, throttle, motor, and power transmission system. The power transmission system is going to be the most difficult part of making the skateboard unless you buy a factory made electric skateboard truck with motor for the project.

If you are planning on making the truck with motor mount from scratch then I would look online at ones that other people have made for inspiration. Searching Google images for 'homemade electric skateboard' will provide a wealth of images and ideas. Making the truck with motor and power transmission from scratch is beyond the advise that I could give but many people have done so before and it is possible. If you are planning on going this route I have seen electric skateboards with motors ranging from 100 Watts up to 1000 Watts. So the power that the motor has is completely up to your personal preferences.

If you are planning on buying a factory made electric skateboard truck with motor included then the project would consist primarily of installing the electrical components which make the motor operate.

The batteries, battery charger, and controller that would be used for the project depends upon the Voltage and Wattage of the motor being used. The throttle could be leashed to the skateboard with its wire cable. A simple throttle system could consist of a 6" long 7/8" diameter wood dowel with a thumb throttle attached to it that you hold the assembly in one hand and use your thumb to activate the throttle to control the motors speed. This would allow you to move your arms around to keep balance which is necessary on a skateboard.

If you know how you want to build the skateboard and the type of truck and motor you want to use please let us know so we may further advise on the parts that would be needed for the project.

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