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What parts do I need to build an electric scooter?

Hi there

I was looking to build my very own custom electric scooter with the parts you sell on your web site. I only have one problem,and that is I don't know all the parts I need to build a fully operational commercial grade scooter. So considering you probably have some knowledge on the subject I was wondering if you could be so kind to right me a list of what parts I need and in return I will buy the parts that I need from your website. Let me know if you would be willing to do this for me.


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Hi ESP support,.

I'm looking to build a new electric scooter. I want to make my own design of scooter body.

1.Scooter will be on flat ground.

2.low hills (mostly on normal roads)

3. scooter will only carry 2 members including rider.

4.Top speed of scooter 50-60 mph

6.full single charge should be about 50kms.

7.size of wheels will be rear tyre 12 inches and front tyre 10 inch.( changes can be accepted)

I want to build whole bike on my own. Please recommend the parts and if you can, please give me the circuit diagram for my parts.

Hello VENKATAKRISHNAPRASAD, for a 50-60 MPH top speed a 6000 through 10,000 Watt motor will be needed if it is a brushed motor, or a slightly smaller motor if it is brushless. 

We do not carry parts in this power range so we are not able to make any recommendations. I recommend inquiring with a store that sells parts for electric cars as they will carry the parts in the power range that you need. 

Thank you for your reply , Sorry it is 40-50 kmph Please recommend the parts including circuit breaker/ fuse

I found a kit that we make which is suitable for all of your parameters. Here is a link to it: 


More 48V 1800W kits can be found on this page:

Our kits include matching and labeled plug-and-play connectors on all of the parts so a wiring diagram is not needed for installation. 

The motor in this kit runs at a 4400 RPM top speed so a 60 tooth wheel sprocket on a 12" wheel would be good for a top speed of 47 km/h. 

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