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Building an Electric Powered Beach Wagon

I'm looking to power a 6 wheeled beach wagon that weighs about 65 pounds and will carry 2 toddlers.  I need help coordinating the speed control, 24 or 36 volt motor and charger.  If anyone has built one of these I would love to hear what you have done, any help is appreciated.

Okay I will make the kit with a 7/8" throttle. I should have it done very soon and will post a link to it here when it is ready.
I completed creating the kit. It is item number KIT-148-B. Here is a link to it:

If you would prefer a different throttle I can change the throttle in the kit over to any other one that we sell. Please have a look at all of the parts in the kit and let me know if you would like any changes or updates to be made.

Question. can you use speed controler SPD 245000A  without a twist throttle and just adjust speed with speed limited adjustment knob

The SPD-24500A controller is designed to be used with a hall effect throttle which outputs 1 through 4 Volts to the controller.

A potentiometer could replace the hall effect throttle so that a knob would control the speed of the motor. A 10K Ohm potentiometer works well with the SPD-24500A controller for this and should be wired to the controller as shown in the wiring diagram below.

A potentiometer can also replace the throttle on other controllers so long as you know what the controller's throttle connector is, and which throttle connector wires are +5V, Negative, and Signal.


The controller's negative throttle connector wire should not be connected to the potentiometer otherwise a short circuit would occur which may damage the controller. 

The controller's +5V throttle connector wire is almost always red and its negative wire is almost always black, however, its signal wire is sometimes blue, green, white, or on rare occasions another color.

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