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Electric Scooter Key Switch Panel Cutout Dimensions

I just created an illustration showing the shape and dimensions of the panel cutout required to mount the most common electric scooter key switches and I wanted to share it with the forum.

It looks great, but where on the scooter would you make such a cut out

Some electric scooters have the key switch mounted in a plastic box under the handlebars or in a console at the handlebar level. Here is a photo of an E-Scooter dolphin body electric scooter that has the key switch mounted in the plastic box that is directly under the handlebars.


I have seen other electric scooters that have key switches mounted on the side of the battery box, however that always seemed like a bad idea because if the scooter fell over or side swiped something then the key could be bent or broken off.

Some scooters and bikes have frames with large tubes that have a big enough interior diameter to hold a key switch. I have seen some A2B electric bicycles which have a frame mounted key switch.

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