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Wire two speed controllers to one throttle and one battery pack.

Common electric scooter, bike, and go kart speed controllers use a 1-4 Volt DC input signal to control the motors speed. It does not matter where the input signal comes from as long as it is a 1-4 Volt signal. Most throttles have a 0.8-4.3 Volt output signal just to be on the safe side.

Wiring a single throttle to work with two speed controllers is a very simple and straightforward procedure. All you need to do is wire the throttles + 5V DC input power wire (red) and ground wire (black) to one speed controller, and then wire the throttles output signal (usually green or white) to both controllers. This method will also work with more than two speed controllers.

One battery pack can supply two controllers. The battery charger can either connect directly to the battery pack or it can connect to one of the controllers if the controller has a 'charger in' connector. Here are two illustrations showing how to wire everything together.

Charger connected directly to battery pack:

Charger connected to one of the controllers.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

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I am trying to wire the 2 electric motors and 2 controllers and 1 throttle and did it exactly like the diagram , and all of the components came right off working scooters and it does't work, it's all curie stuff , does that make a  difference  ?    Help please - Thank You      Warren

sorry I'm not so good on a computer , where do I find your reply?

Some of the Currie throttles have more than 3 wires. How many wires does the Currie throttle which you are using have?

yes, it has 6    I used the black, red and the green -----  do I need to get something else ?   I don't have much money , I'm retired and am doing this with my grandson , we are trying to get 2 motors working on one controller . do we need to buy some special parts to do this ?   thanks

Operating two motors from one controller is very straightforward to wire and does not require any special parts. The positive and negative wires from the two motors are simply bridged together (usually positive to positive and negative to negative) and then connected to the controller's motor wires. If one of the motors then spins in the wrong direction the position of its wires can be reversed. Here is an illustration showing how to wire two motors to one controller.

If after wiring the motors to the controller as shown above they still do not run when the throttle is applied then it has to be another issue that is causing the problem. If that is the case then please let me know and we will take it from there.

the curie throttle has 5 wires , red,green,black,blue and brown. the 2 curie controllers have 6 wires , red,green,black,blue,purple and yellow. and as in the diagram I wired the red,green and black wires from the throttle to the first controller same colored wires , then as in the diagram jumped the green wire to the secant controller , then with 3 fully charged 12 volt batteries split going to the controllers and connected each controller to the currie motors , just as the diagram shows and I get nothing. all of the components came off working scooters , I'm just lost. I really appreciate your help you are the only ones that has tried to help us   Thanks again   Warren

The wire color designations are different between Currie controllers that use 6-wire throttles and 5-wire throttles. A 5-wire throttle can be used with a controller that uses a 6-wire throttle if its battery gauge is not connected. Here is an illustration showing how to wire one 5-wire Currie throttle to two Currie controllers that use 6-wire throttles.

Wiring the throttle to the controllers as shown above should solve the problem. Please let me know how it goes.

  That Worked!  Thank you so,so, much . We have been trying for months and you are the only ones that came through with the correct solution . anyone asks , we will send them to your company   Thanks Again  Warren

My throttle has 4 wires two orange and two brown I'm trying to connect two motors to this throttle would I connect the brown one that goes to the green on the controller or just to the green one on the controller
Hi Jeremy, motors can not be connected directly to a throttle because the throttle can not handle that much power going through it. Motors need to be connected to the controller's motor connector. You can connect two motors to one controller by splicing the first and second motor wires together and then connecting them to the controller. If you do this make sure that the combined Watts ratings of the two motors does not exceed the Watts rating of the original motor that was connected to the controller otherwise the controller might become overloaded.
I'm trying to connect one throttle to two controllers
I notice in your photo that the throttle and controller are a non-variable single speed types on a Razor scooter.

That single speed throttle can only be used with single speed controllers such as the one it is plugged into in the photo. If both of your controllers are single speed then that single speed throttle can most likely be wired to operate them.

I have never wired one single speed throttle to two single speed controllers so I am not sure that it will work but it is worth trying to see if it does. If both controllers are the same model then I would try bridging the same colors and terminal positions of throttle wires together on both of the controllers and then wiring them to the throttle. I think there is a very good chance that would work.

Hi, im designing my very own electric scooter, and i wanted to have 2 motors on it,,

Related to the topics above, (hope to find support and answers)

I have TWO 60V 2000 watts brushless DC motors made by Boma Co. 

Before purchasing my lithium 60V 15AH Battery,

1) Do I need to buy Two 60V 15AH batteries to power the 2 motors?

2) Do I need to buy Two Controllers for the 2 motors and 2 battery packs (in case)?

Anyway, im putting 2 motors (not for speed), but to support one motor during up hill drive,

otherwise, i intend to switch off 1 motor after i climbed the hill, or interchange one motor from another

during long distance drive (so as not to over heat the other motor).

That is my goal in building this project.

Thank you.

When purchasing a Lithium battery or battery pack for an electric scooter the most important thing is to make sure that its maximum continuous discharge rating is equal to or higher than the maximum current rating of the controller that it will be connected to. For example if the controller has a 30 Amp maximum current rating, then the Lithium battery pack must have a 30 Amp or higher maximum current discharge rating. Otherwise the battery pack could be overloaded and overheat which in the case of Lithium batteries can lead to them exploding and or catching on fire.

Even though one controller could operate two motors in your case it would be best to have one controller for each motor. If a single controller was used for two motors which are not both used at the same time then when only one of the motors was running the controller could output more current than the motor was designed for which could cause the motor to overheat.

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