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Urban mover

Looking to DIY a three wheel stand on sidewalk mover for an adult. City use on mostly flat sidewalks less than 10 miles round trip. Weight and size about a carry on suitcase.. Have a Razor 500 scooter as a donor. Construction less the issue than compatible parts. Is it better to have 2 smaller motors to power than one larger one? Will one controller run 2 motors at the same speed? If razor has controller for 36v 500W now can I instead use two 36v 250w motors ? Seems easier to construct with two powered wheels. Any help here is appreciated or if anyone has tried something similar...

Using two motors instead of one could have a benefit if each motor powered a different wheel because that would create the equivalent of a limited slip differential which would help with traction. Other than traction there would be no advantage to using two motors instead of one. If the vehicle is being used on mostly flat sidewalks traction will probably not be an issue though. One controller can run two motors and both motors will run at the same speed as long as they are identical motors. Two 36V 250W motors could be run off of one 36V 500W controller.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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