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crop cart

I'm building a crop cart also know as Asparagus Harvester. You can find them on You Tube, it has two electric motors to drive and for steering with foot controls. I am going to need: motors, controls, foot throttles, wheel assemblies with sprockets, breaks and axles. Knobby tire, as it will be used in a garden application. I am looking for your expertise in compatibility with everything. The motor used needs to go 0 - 10 mph. I would like to have the motor mounting plates as well.

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I can help with that. I need to calculate the gear ratio first to find the right motor. What is the diameter of the tires that the cart will have?

your dirt bike wheel that you have on line im thinking would work

12.5 inch

I just calculated the gear ratio using a 3000 rpm motor with 11 tooth sprocket and 12.5" rear wheel with 80 tooth sprocket and got a top speed of 15 miles per hour. However this top speed could be limited to 10 miles per hour by not giving the vehicle full throttle. These sprockets are maxed out in regards to their sizes so a lower gear ratio would not be possible with our parts. If a top speed of 15 miles per hour is ok then this could be a good setup for you.

I assume that the vehicle will need to carry one worker and 100 pounds of produce? If this is the case then I think that two 500 Watt motors would be sufficient to power it. However if the load is heavier than I am assuming or if it needs to go through soft dirt, sand, or mud - or go up hills then you may want to consider using larger motors in the 750-1000 Watt range.

I can make up a kit for you and post a link to it here in this forum with the motors, controller, foot throttle,sprockets, and wheels with axles. Do you know how many Watts you want the motors to be?
I'm also building a vegetable harvest cart.  Did you ever make a kit link for this?
Hi Ned, I remember that Dennis purchased all of the parts individually instead of in kit form, so I did not make a kit for this project. I certainly can make a vegetable harvest kit though if you need one?
Is there any way to see the parts list that Dennis bought?  Maybe Dennis could share an image of what he made?  I help farmers with injuries or illness accommodate so they can keep doing their work.  I think what Dennis described would work well for one of my customers.

I was not able to pull up any orders under his name to see which parts were ordered so his order may have been placed under a different name or under a company name.

I can help with putting an electrical kit together for your project. Do you have a rolling chassis for the project yet?

I have a chassis, but need to get the drive wheels from you and the electric kit so I can finalize it.  Can I call you to talk about the electrical system and controls?

I am wondering about using the Pocket Bike wheels with the 500W motors you mentioned above.  By using the 10" wheels instead of 12.5" wheels it will slow down my speed and give more power if it has the same sprocket diameter.

You might need a gear motor in order to make the cart go slow enough and have enough pulling power. I can run some calculations to see which motor and sprockets would work best for the cart. What is the top speed that you need the cart to go and how much weight does it need to carry?

5 MPH with a 200lb person, 100 lb vegetables + batteries and motor and frame weight

I was looking at a 36 Volt 600 Watt Electric Scooter Gear Motor (MOT-36600G) and a 34 Tooth Sprocket for #420 Chain (SPR-42034).  I think that would give me about 5 MPH on a 10" drive wheel.  I see the Razor pocket rocket wheels have #25 chain sprockets.  Could I trade it for this #420 sprocket instead?

All the 24V motors have bicycle chain sprockets. I would like one of the heavier sprockets on the motor if that is an option.  Otherwise I'll go with the 36V sprocket.

I was planning to use 2 drive motors, one on each front wheel.  I would have a tiller steering like on a small boat motor with twist throttle.  Do you have a control kit that could do that with 2  36V motors?

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