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powering my wagon

I want to power my wagon for a beach with thick sand.  I'm looking for torque more than speed.  Will be carrying typical beach for the day stuff( cooler, chairs, umbrella, etc), probably no more than 200lbs w wagon weight.   Right now I have nothing.  Just the wagon so I'll need everything needed to do this project.  Can you help me with a parts list?

Yes I can help with a parts list. I will need to ask a few questions first because I need a little more information in order to create the right parts list for you.

What is the top speed that you want the wagon to go (walking speed, 5 mph, 10 mph, etc.)?
What is the diameter of the tires (how high off the ground are they)?
How many minutes of drive time do you want it to have (10, 20, 30, 60 minutes)?
What type of throttle do you want it to have (thumb, twist, or foot throttle)?

The faster you want it to go and the more drive time that you want it to have the larger and more expensive the parts will be.

Once I get this information then I will be able to make an accurate parts list for the project.
I will get that info for u today
My wagon is 2' W. X 4' L. The pull handle is 3' L. The tire size is 13x5.00-6. Walking speed is all I need with pulling power. We are just across the street from the beach. 5m to get there. We stay 6-8hrs, load up and 5m back to house. I think a thumb throttle would b best. I do want reverse.
We have all of the electrical parts plus chain and wheel sprocket that your electric beach wagon will need. I did the calculations and our 24 Volt 450 Watt 420 RPM gear (MOT-24450G) motor with 9 tooth sprocket along with our 36 tooth wheel sprocket (SPR-B36) will give you a top speed of 4 MPH with 13 inch wheels which is a perfect top speed for walking. Here are the gear ratio calculations.

If you are only going to be using it for 10-15 minutes a day then you could use a pair of two small 12 Volt 5Ah batteries. We have a controller with reverse (SPD-24500R) - that is no problem. We also have thumb throttles and handlebar mount switches that could be used for the reverse switch. Here is a parts list:

Motor- MOT-24450G
Sprocket- SPR-B36
Chain- CHN-12X18 (sold by the link)
Controller- SPD-24500R
Throttle- THR-38
Reverse Switch- SWT-21
Batteries- BAT-12V5A x2
Fuse Holder- FUS-360
Fuse- FUS-ATO40
Charger- CHR- 24V1.6A (your choice of connector - I recommend the XLR for longevity)
Charger Port- CNX-XLR05W (if you choose XLR plug on the charger)

The price for all of these parts is around $260.00 give or take a few dollars.

If you want I could make a kit out of all of these parts so they can be purchased with one click?

Please let me know if you have any questions.


I got your email stating that you would like a kit made with all of the parts listed above. I went ahead and made the kit for you. The kit wound up going a little over budget so I discounted it by $30 to bring the price down to $280.00. The value of the kit if all parts were ordered individually is $310.59 plus $25.00 labor to install the matching connectors.

I had to include an on/off switch for the controller so I added a toggle switch to the kit for that. You could have a key switch or handlebar mounted switch to turn the controller on and off if you prefer. Also the kit has a handlebar mounted switch for reverse. This reverse switch could be changed to another switch type if you prefer. Our handlebar mounted switches are for 7/8" OD handlebars - so I would make sure they will fit your project if ordering the kit with a handlebar switch. If the handlebar switches do not fit then we can change them to toggle switches or another type.

Here is a link to the kit: KIT-132-2

Please let me know if you need any changes made to the kit, or if you have any questions.

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