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Parts for an electric scooter

Hello my name is brand M and I am looking to custom build an electric scooter. I want the scooter to go 20-25 mph and be somewhat suitable for off-roading. I am building this from the ground up and have a budget of 200 or less dollars. Please let me know the parts required and good parts for my budget. I am looking for a high powered motor as mine is a 500watt or so on my one I bought from Walmart. I would like to know kits good products.. Basically everything I need to know. I really do not know if anyone gets this because I just joined this awesome site but thank you very very much and please help me. -Brandon
I could make a list or even a kit of the parts to make a scooter that goes 20-25 miles per hour but since they are such large and powerful parts the cost would probably be around $400-$500 for them including the batteries and charger. To obtain parts for a scooter which goes 20-25 MPH within a $200 budget would probably require finding a used donor electric scooter that has a 1000 Watt or larger motor.

If you live in or near a large city then you may be able to find a suitable donor scooter on Craigslist. I would not expect one to be there the first time you search but if you keep searching everyday then one might eventually show up.

I will make a kit of the parts for your project. Just give me a few days to figure out what parts are needed and then I will reply again with a parts list and link to the kit.

Alright thank you so much :)

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