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Motor usage on bike conversion

1 on the drawing for the MOT-36250G just above the sprocket there is a 55+/-0.5 size what is the size off (is it the dia of the gear box case?) 2 would this motor be ok to use on a folding bike conversion 3 could the 36 volt controllers be used on a 12 ah Lithium Ion batteries if so which one would you recommend. ( I am looking for good quality parts that will last) 4 would the twist throttle THR-110 be ok to use in this set up with the 12 ah Lithium Ion batteries or what would you recommend. 5 would you be able to let me have a wiring diagram for all the above with a recommended wire sizes 6 would it be a problem shipping to the UK and do you have any idea of cost (rough)
Here is the drawing that you are referring to with the 55mm measurement.

And here is another drawing of the same motor.

To me it looks like there is a typo on the first drawing and the 55 was supposed to be 5.5. This 5.5mm specification is the distance between the sprocket teeth and the body of the motor.

The MOT-36250G is designed specifically for electric bicycles and would be a great candidate for a folding bike conversion.

36 Volt controllers can be used with a battery pack consisting of three 12 Volt Lithium batteries that have virtually any Ah rating. Three 12 Volt 12 Ah Lithium batteries would be a great choice for a 250 Watt electric bicycle because they would provide a long run time and range. Our 12 Volt Lithium batteries are high quality and available on this page:

The THR-110 throttle works with all of our controllers and will be OK with both Lithium or Lead-Acid battery packs.

I can make a wiring diagram showing how all of the parts are wired together however I need to know which controller you want to use first because I need to base the wiring diagram off of the controller.

It is no problem for us to ship parts to the UK. In fact we ship parts to the UK on a weekly basis. Shipping rates depend on the total weight of the parts in the order. Shipping Lithium batteries to the UK requires choosing UPS or FedEx as the carrier, as the Post Office (USPS) will not ship Lithium batteries that are as large as ours are.

If for example a package that weighs 10 pounds (4.5 Kilograms) is shipped with USPS the rate would be around $95 USD, and if shipped with UPS or Fedex the rate would be around $180 USD. There will also be import taxes, duties, and fees payable to the carrier when the package is delivered.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Many thanks for the help Can you give me the weight of the motor gear box unit Which controller would you recommend the smaller the better but I can not see any technical difference between any of them Could the 12 volt lithium batteries when wired be charged by a 36 volt charger or would they have to be split and charged as 3 separate 12 volt units
Gear motor item # MOT-24250G weights 7 pounds. You could use a 250 Watt controller however I recommend using a 350 Watt controller with it, that way the controller will run cooler and have a longer lifespan. There is basically no difference in quality between the different controllers so whichever one fits and works for you would be best. A 36 Volt battery pack made from three 12 Volt lithium batteries should be charged with a 36 Volt battery charger. You could individually charge each battery with a 12 Volt charger also but there is really no need for that and charging a with a single 36 Volt charger would be much easier.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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