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Issue setting up electronic brakes

I am building a scooter and am using a 24V 500W Brushless motor controller. On the wiring diagram is says there are wires for brakes (low) and brakes (high). 

I need to know what is required to set up the brakes. What voltage is required as an input? Should a digital or analog input be used? I am using a MyRio microcontroller that has analog (0-5V) and digital (3V) outputs. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

The electronic brake wires on most brushless controller are contacted with ground to activate the brakes. If you would like to provide a link to your controller's wiring diagram or attach a copy of it to your reply I would be glad to look at it to confirm.

Since your microcontroller has analog positive Voltage output then it could be used to activate a small power relay which would contact the electronic brake wire with ground during braking.

Here is the controller in question, this is the wiring diagram provided from electric scooter parts.

Should the brake (low) or brake (high) be used?

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for your help! 

I got the brakes to activate without a relay. Sending a false command through a digital output on the microcontroller allows the brake to activate. 


I do have one more question, based on the wiring diagram provided, what connector is for the battery indicator? There is a white connector with a purple and black wire as well as a black connector with a single purple wire. Could you please clarify for me please? 

Thank you

The black connector with a single purple wire is the battery indicator positive lead. The battery indicator uses the controller's common ground black wire that goes to the battery pack for grounding.

The white connector with purple and black wires is for reversing the motor. Those are wires the factory added to the last batch of these controllers whose function is not described in the original wiring directions. We need to update the controller's wiring directions to indicate what those wires are for.

I was just reviewing this topic and it looks like I forgot to answer one of the questions posted above. Regarding the brake low and brake high wires; the brake low provides a low amount of braking force, and the brake high provides a high amount of braking force. Either one could be used depending on the amount of braking force that is needed.

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