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6 wire sensor hall

I bought a scooter motor and its driver for a school project, however when I tried test my motor, I figure that my speed driver isn't working, my motor has 6 phase wires and 6 wires(HA, HB, HC, HU, HV, HW) for my hall sensors, we tried turning the motor by hand for one complete rotation and we detect that all sensors are working, as well we tried to energized the phases (tried out several orders to energize it), the motor moves but it seems to make a little jump, after a few degrees clock wise, or it either it goes few degrees counter clock and rotates back clock wise...

Is it a correct order I have to energize my phases? can I use 3 and phases only instead of the six? why do I have 6 wires for my hall sensors?
Is there a way I can buy a driver?

I have not seen an electric scooter or bike brushless motor with six phase wires before. The most phase wires that I have ever seen on a brushless motor is three. It is common for these brushless motors with three phase wires to have five or six wires for its hall sensors though.

Since a 6 phase wire brushless motor is completely new to me, I have no idea how to troubleshoot it, or properly wire it.

I do know that at least 5 hall-effect sensor wires are necessary because one is needed for ground, one is needed for +5V power input, and the remaining three are needed for the hall-effect sensor output signals. I have seen motors with six hall sensor wires though and I am not sure what the sixth wire is for on those motors.

As you can tell I am not an expert on brushless motors. Hopefully someone else on this forum knows more about brushless motors than I do and can offer more help than I can?

Actually, after some research, I find out that it has six wires for phase connection because the driver should be able to let the motor commutate from delta to star.... I should be able to use 3 wires.  

I actually have six Hall sensors, and 10 wires = 2 ground + 2 power inputs + 6 sensors (HA, HB, HC, HU, HV, HW)

Thank you,

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