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Need some advice please.

I am interested in designing and building a beach cart for my family. The cart with be constructed out of 1 1/2" SCH 40 PVC. The approximate dimensions will be 24"W x 42"L x 18"H (height is dependent on wheel size). I will be using a wheeleez type of wheel...maybe 10". I am guessing that the weight of the cart stripped down (just cart and wheels) will be about 20 pounds. The cart would be needed for about 30 minutes per day with half of that time being used on sand. The most weight that the cart would be carrying would be about 100 pounds ...chairs, umbrella, towels, cooler, ice, etc. The only inclines that the cart would have to climb is the incline from the beach back to the street. Can you spec some equipment that I would need in order to build this cart. I think reverse is important as is some sort of automatic braking for when the cart is heading down an it doesn't get away from me. Is there a system available that would allow me to put the cart in "neutral" if the battery were to die? Lastly, what about designing the cart for remote control use? Thank you in advance. Jonathan
Yes I can definitely spec the equipment needed to power the electric beach cart. Reverse is no problem at all. If it is geared low, which I think it will be, then it will automatically brake when the throttle is released.

With a chain drive system that allows braking when the throttle is released and has reverse I do not know of anyway to have the "neutral" feature so it can be pushed if the battery loses power. Maybe the motor could be held down with wing nuts that could be removed by hand and then if the battery dies the motor could be loosened and the chain removed so the cart could be pushed.

It sounds like you may need the beach cart to run at walking speed which is around 3 miles per hour.

So I can calculate the gear ratio and figure out what motor and sprockets the cart needs, what is the top speed that you want the beach cart to have?

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