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Smart Balance Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Charger

I have a Smart Balance Wheel but I don't have the charger for it.  It is identified as having Specification 650x245x230.  It uses a charger with a 3 prong female connector.  Further information is hard to come by.  I think it equates to being a 36 volt with 4.4 Ah Lithium Ion batteries.  If that is correct, I think the appropriate charger seems to be your part number CHR-36V1.6A3P, or CHR-C36V1.67A3P.  Is this right?  If not, what do you recommend?

Since the battery charger has green light when only plugged into the wall, and then its light turns and stays red for 10 minutes after plugging it into the scooter, and then turns green, chances are very high that the battery charger is working properly. There could be a problem with the battery pack such as a faulty cell which is causing it to only last a couple of minutes after it is fully charged. If you have a multimeter I recommend testing the battery pack Voltage after it is fully charged, and then again after the scooter is used for a few minutes and stops running. If the battery pack Voltage significantly decreases after it is used for a couple of minutes then that would point towards the battery pack being faulty.
I just got a smart10 balance wheel and when i plug it in the wall the charger turns green, but when i plug the other end into the scotter the charger still lights green and it is not charging, but the scooters battery indicator blinks orange when i turn it on while på plugt in

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