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Converting kick scooter to electric scooter

My son has a physics/science project that involves designing and building.

For his project he would like to convert his kick scooter to an electrical scooter.

He will have to design and build brackets and a frame extension to make this happen.

I have been looking on your website and have many questions on what products will work together. Here are my thoughts:


Rear Wheel:

- 5.5" Rear wheel, Item No. PCH-REARWHEEL (does not look axle is included)

- Axle Item No. PCH-AXLE (will this work with this wheel?)


Electric Motor:

- 24 Volt 100 Watt Item No. MOT-24100B

(Will this cog that comes with the motor match up with the cog that comes with the rear wheel?)


Drive Belt:

- I didn't find the cog diameters on you website, so I will need help selecting the correct one. I would like center of motor to center of wheel to be 6".



(Two) 12 Volt 5 AH Item No. BAT-12V5A


Speed Controller:

This is where I'm a little confused.

I was thinking Item No. SPD-24120

with throttle Item No. THR-35WG and brake LEV-25.

(The big question I have: is the motor used as the brake when the brake lever is pulled? It would be nice if it worked this way.)

Would also need connectors for controller if not provided.


If this controller does not use the motor as a brake, would it be best to use brake band Item No. BRK-60D with brake lever Item No. LEV-50L with brake cable and no speed controller and throttle Item No. PLN-THROTTLE for a single speed scooter?

Hope this make sense. Any advise on parts to use and any helpful ideas would be appreciated. Once I have a list of components for this project, I will be ordering as soon as possible as this is a time sensitive project for my son
That sounds like a fun project.

Item # PCH-REARWHEEL does not include the axle however axle item # PCH-AXLE (now named item # PLS-REARAXLE1) is the correct axle for it.

The cog on motor item # MOT-24100B does match the cog on PCH-REARWHEEL
A 462-3M-12 drive belt is approximately the right size for a 6" center of motor to center of wheel spacing. The distance between the wheel and motor will need to be adjustable in order to properly tension the belt and adjust for any small discrepancy in my belt size calculation.

The batteries, speed controller, and throttle you selected are all compatible with the MOT-24100B motor. However I recommend using a larger controller such as our SPD-24250 to make the electrical system more reliable.

The motor will not apply braking to the rear wheel when the brake is applied, it will only be turned off when the brake lever is engaged, but will not offer any braking assistance.

Some of the connectors for the SPD-24120 are not available, I recommend using the SPD-24250 which all connectors are available for.

BRK-60B is compatible with PCH-REARWHEEL, and LEV-50L or LEV-25 are both compatible with BRK-60B. LEV-50L does not have a brake switch while LEV-25 does. Both could be used however if LEV-50L is used then the motor would not turn off when the brake was applied.

PLN-THROTTLE (now named PLS-THROTTLE2) is not compatible with SPD-24120 or SPD-24250, however THR-35WG is.

If provided a parts list we could make a kit out of all of the parts with matching and labeled connectors so all you have to do is plug the parts together after you receive them.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you for all the information.

What would your best guess estimate be on how fast this would go with a 110 lb. kid and length of run time.

I realize that I have selected items at on the lower scale and may think of up-sizing depending on estimated speed and run time.

I want to make sure we have an enjoyable and usable scooter for the money spent.

Thank you

With a 24 Volt 5Ah battery pack and 100 Watt motor the estimated top speed on flat ground would be around 8-10 MPH and the run time would be around 15-20 minutes at full throttle.

100 Watts is a very low powered motor and would slow down a lot when going up inclines. For higher speeds a 250 Watt motor would be better, and for more run time 8Ah-12Ah batteries would help a lot with that.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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