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Need info about making my car partly electric (Hybride)

Situation is as follows:
VW Golf streetcar with Yamaha R1 streetbike engine.

No chain used, i have a regular drive shaft.
2 "problems" to solve: Reverse & Traffic jams.
I want to make an electrical reverse and when possible i want to move the car when i'm in traffic jams. This because the clutch is not appropriate to use continu and will overheat.

I need max 10/15 km/hr, prefer V-band for low noise.

My wheels are Ø 60cm/23,6inch, finaldrive to center driveshaft is 3,7.

First question: Can i put a electric motor without any clutch, will it be a problem when the e-motor turns allway's driven by a belt? Wil de e-motor brake down or can i expect problems with generating power like a dynamo?

Can i use a centrifugal clutch both side's, 

is every electric motor capable to drive CW and CCW? 

Maybe you can me offer some complete as possible set in 24v?

Thanks in advance, greetings from Holland.

Although I am not experienced in building or repairing electric cars I read your questions and have a few answers taken from my experience with building and repairing electric scooters and bicycles.

You definitely can attach an permanent magnet electric motor to the driveline without a clutch. However it will cause a little bit of drag on the driveline because it has permanent magnets in it that want to slow it down. A brushless electric motor would still cause drag however it would be much less than a brushed motor. Also a permanently attached to driveline brushed motor's brushes would eventually wear out and need to be replaced, along with its bearings, while the bearings are the only part of a brushless motor that would wear out.

Regarding using a centrifugal clutch I am not sure if that would work on both sides, or if it would work on one side, but that is definitely something to experiment with. I imagine that it might work on the motor side. The outside of the centrifugal clutch would continually spin though so it might need to have sealed ball bearings instead of brass sleeve bearing like most have.

Every brushed and brushless motor that I have seen is capable of rotating Clockwise and Counter Clockwise. That is one of the great features of electric motors.

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