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Need Power Kit To Make Electric Cart for Venues and Shows

Greetings!  I have 14 tables that I role from my trailer to venues for shows.  I took apart a electric scooter just to try and it worked great!  I would like to know what I would need to role 14 tables measuring 2' x 4' and weighting about 400-500 lbs. each. Most ground is level and smooth but there are some ramps that are steep and can be 50' long.  I only need 1 wheel with 24v motor, controller, throttle.  I will be using 2 12v deep cycle batteries.  Thank you for your help.

Will the 10-11 inch wheel you need be mounted to forks like a bicycle has, or be mounted to an axle like the rear wheels of a go kart?

I would like to be able to drill a hole in a U shaped piece of metal and bolt the wheel to that.  Not sure how the wheels of a go cart are mounted.

Will the wheel be mounted on the inside the U shaped piece of metal, or mounted on the outside of it?

On the inside.

I/m sorry to be a bother.  I would like to order these parts. So I need to know the wheel and sprocket you were talking about earlier.  Thanks

We have a 10" wheel that may work for your project which is item # WHL-E450R ( ) however our SPR-B44 44 tooth bicycle sprocket will not bolt up to this wheel. It would have to be bolted onto the existing sprocket that this wheel has. We would need to leave that part of the job up to you.

Another option would be to have us custom make a 44 tooth sprocket for #410 chain with an F4 mounting pattern that would bolt up the WHL-E450R. This custom made sprocket could be order from this page:

Here is a list of parts that I have for the kit so far:

  • Motor - MOT-24450G
  • Controller - SPD-24500
  • Throttle - THR-40
  • Power Switch - ?
  • Sprocket - SPR-B44
  • Wheel - WHL-E450R?

How does this parts list sound for the kit? Do you have your own power switch or would you like one included with the kit?

Thank you.  I placed my order last week.  The only difference is that I ordered the RPB rearwheel2.  That should work as well.  Thanks for your help.

 Okay that sounds good. Thank you for your order. Please let me know if you have any questions during the build.

What would be the best way to mount this motor?  Is there anything on your website for this?

We have a mounting plate for it which is item # HDW-250 at this link:


HDW-250 is for designed for mounting the gear motor to the rear forks of a bicycle but it is made from steel so it can be cut, bent, and or welded to be used for other applications.


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