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Drive kit for electric DIY Jeep


Please help to select drive components for kids ride-in Jeep Willys (picture attached). I think I will need  2 * 12V motors with gears, secondary gears, chains, controller, "ignition" switch with key, main breaker, fuse, forward / reverse switch, throttle pedal and whatever else may be needed (except batteries).

Wheel size 10-12", Target speed 6-7 mph, load up to 80 kg. The car will also have front and rear lights, horn, stereo.



(151 KB)

Correction: Wheel size 10-12" 

Read: Outer diameter of fully inflated tire is 11" 

Hello Denis,

This kit should be no problem for us to make. We do not have 12 Volt gear motors so the kit will need to be made with 24 Volt gear motors and electrical components and powered by two 12 Volt batteries wired in series to make a 24 Volt battery pack. I am not very familiar with this type of kids Jeep. I imagine that the two rear wheels have bearings and spin freely on the axle without the axle moving. Do you want the Jeep to have two wheel drive so that each rear wheel is powered by a separate gear motor?


You are right, rear wheels have bearings and spin independently. Axle is not moving. 

Yes, I'd like each wheel t have separate motor. My neighbor built same model with one wheel drive and now he has to help his kids out on every smallest pothole. 

I did some calculations and found the perfect gear ratio using parts that we have on the shelf. Here is the gear ratio calculation:

The above calculations were made using the following parts:

  • Motor - MOT-24450G
  • Motor Sprocket - SPR-B1311
  • Wheel Sprocket - SPR-B36

The 6.52 MPH top speed is right in the middle of your 6-7 MPH target speed, I don't think that I have ever met a target speed so accurately before.

We have three different types of foot throttles available on this page:

If you could please look at the throttles page and let me know which foot throttle you would like included with the kit?

Also if you would like a battery charger included with the kit please let me know how many Ah the batteries are that you are planning on using?


All sounds great but I'm concerned about the motor

- Do  I really need total of 900 watt (1.2 hp) for small ride-on car?

- 24450G uses bicycle sprockets. Are they strong enough for the application?

- This motor has face-mounted bracket which doesn't really fit the design. Motor with side mounts (like XYD-6B2) would feet better

- You offer single type mounting bracket for 24450G. In my case I would need LH and RH brackets. That's another reason to select different motors. 

Please include Steel Foot Throttle and suitable charger (ideally 220v AC)


I thought I posted an answer earlier but it didn't appear in this thread. Have some questions

- Is it really necessary to install 900 watt power on small ride on car of total maximum weight 120 kg?

- 24450G uses bicycle sprockets.  Are they robust enough for the application? 

- Design of the car calls for side-mounted motors. 24450G with face mount will not fit without serious modifications.

- Apart from that there is only one type of mounting bracket available for 24450G. In my project I need LH and RH motor 

Can you pease offer other motors which can be reversed (to use on left and right wheels)?

By the way there are optional wheel which we will probably use, they have outer diameter 35 cm  (13.8 inches), 

Steel throttle pedal should be ok.

For batteries I'm going to use 2 * 55 Ah. I'd order a charger of you have 220 AC option



You probably do not need 900 Watts for a small ride on car but it would come in handy when going up hills or through sand or grass. I just realized that we have a 24 Volt 350 Watt gear motor which has a side mounting base that would probably be better suited for your project and would also have a lower power output of 700 watts for the two motors. Here is a photo of the 24 Volt 350 Watt gear motor:

Bicycle chain and sprockets will be strong enough for the application. These motors are typically used on electric bicycles with bicycle chain and sprockets between the motor and wheel and I have not heard of any problems with the chain or sprockets not being strong enough.

We have a few chargers that would work with two 55Ah batteries which have 220 VAC input options. I will check and see which chargers have the 220 Volt option and let you know which ones will work.

The THR-91 steel foot throttle requires cutting a rectangular opening into the floor of the vehicle that it is mounted on. While the other two foot throttles we sell bolt directly on top of the floor and do not require an opening to be cut out for them to fit inside. Do you still want to use the THR-91 or would you rather use a throttle that bolts on top of the floor?



350 Watt motor looks perfect. 

Thanks for the hint regarding throttle pedal. While cutting a hole in the floor is not a problem I'd prefer to stay closer to original design. Please quote for your Premium Foot Pedal Throttle. 

As for sprockets please recalculate the gear ratio using tire diameter 35cm (13.9"). 

Can you please estimate freight charges to Turkey, 48310, Mugla, Fethiye-Gocek

Standing by for full parts list and price quotation. 



I recalculated the gear ratio with the 24V 350W 420 RPM motors and here are the results.

The target top speed has not changed much with the different motors and the larger tire size.
I will start working on the parts kit for this project and post it as soon as it is finished.


Excellent! Will you send me a bill or should select all items in your online store myself?

When I have the kit ready I will post a link to purchase it right here on this page. Then you will be able to add it to the shopping cart and purchase it online. I will also know the weight of the kit after it is ready so I can give you a shipping cost estimate.

I am gathering a little more information right now so all of the parts will be compatible and then I will make the kit and post a link to it.

I started making a kit however I am not sure if you would like the Jeep to have reverse or not. 

If you would like the Jeep to have reverse then SPD-24500R controllers will need to be substituted for the SPD-24500B controllers and a switch will need to be added to the kit for reversing.

You could purchase all of these parts individually and wire everything yourself, or I could make a kit out of them and then we would wire all of the parts together with matching and labelled connectors. There is no extra charge for the kit over buying all of the parts individually.

I have a couple of more questions before I proceed:

Would you like to purchase the parts individually or prefer a pre-wired kit?

Do you want the Jeep to have reverse?

Hi there

I'd like to purchase a pre-wired kit please and I'd like the Jeep to have reverse


I have the kit prepared and ready to purchase. It is item # KIT-132. Here is a link to it: 


When you add the kit into our website's shopping cart and enter your shipping information several different shipping options and prices will be available. I entered your shipping information and found rates between $147.00 and $165.00 depending on the shipping company selected.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you need any changes made to the kit.

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