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KIT 102 - What kind of wheels and body does it need?


I am wondering about KIT 102 - how does the motor get connected to the wheel and what kind of wheels does it need? Does it get connected to the back wheel?

Would the motor go on top of the scooter itself and the chain go through the opening for the wheel?

Thank you

The motor in KIT-102 connects to the wheel with a #25 chain. It can be used with any scooter wheel that has a #25 sprocket on it, or that a #25 sprocket can be mounted onto. Electric scooter motors usually are connected to the rear wheel of the scooter. The motor could go on top of the scooter and the chain through the wheel opening as long as there is enough clearance for the chain.

I see, thank you. Do you sell such wheels, that have a #25 sprocket on them?

All of our wheels with chain sprockets on them have sprockets for #25 chain. Here is a link to our wheels page:

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