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Building my own electric scooter

Hi, i am trying to make my own stand-up electirc scooter as my first major engineering/mechanical project. I am wondering what parts i would need, or if you sell a DIY kit for me to use.

What might help in deciding parts:

- I live on a hill, so if compatible, i would like to have an engine that can take me up a hill.

- I would like the maximum Canadian limit of power which is think is 500 watts.

-HAS to be street legal

- Does not require any licenses

- Easy steering and control

- A ready built frame?

That's it for now, and i look forward to buying from you guys if possible!

If it does get a bit complicated that is ok, for my dad would be able to help with wiring and things like that :) 


If you gear the scooter to go under 15 MPH then a 500 Watt motor will take it up most hills, if it slows down too much when going up your hill then the motor and or wheel sprockets can be changed to make the gear ratio lower. I do not know what the electric scooter laws are in Canada so I am not able to help in determining if a scooter would be street legal or require licenses. We do not carry any ready built frames so I would not be able to supply that part of the scooter. You might want to look into getting a used donor electric scooter to take the frame, forks, handlebars, and wheels from. Our motors and controllers have infinitely variable speed from a full stop to full speed and everywhere in between which is controlled by a throttle, so they are very easy to control.

I can start making a kit for your project but will need more information before I begin so I can calculate the gear ratio such as the diameter of the wheels?

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