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Self Balancing Scooter Purchasing Parent Advice

Looking for an intro board for a 15 year old.  There are SO many brands and very few actual reviews that I am surprised.  With so many manufacturers and knock offs as a parent I feel lime Im flipping a coin!

Any advice for  $300 range device?  Was considering this one  ....

From what I have seen all of the self balancing scooters that are available today are made with virtually the same parts and by the same few factories. The only difference that I have seen between the bargain priced smart balancing scooters and the more expensive brand name self balance scooters are minor details such as epoxy encapsulated circuit boards to protect against water intrusion, and electroplated aluminum frames versus natural finish aluminum frames to protect against corrosion, which aluminum is already very resistant to. Also the bargain brands may or may not have a battery pack made from generic no name batteries, and the more expensive models may or may not have a battery pack made from name brand batteries such as Samsung. The biggest difference I have found between the bargain brands and the more expensive name brands are the warranty and level of after sale customer service.

I do not have any specific advise in regards to the best self balancing scooter brands in the $300 range because for the most part they are all made with the same parts and by the same factories. I would choose one from the company that gave the fastest and best responses to my questions and provided the best warranty in that price range. I would also try to find one with a name brand battery pack instead of a no name battery pack, as there is a big difference between the quality of different battery packs.
Thats all very good advice.  Many thanks.  Still seems like it will be a crap shoot but a slightly more educated crap shoot ;^)  At least I know where to come to get it fixed if it breaks.
I have done a lot of research on self balancing scooters and their parts and have ordered replacement parts from the factories that make parts for them, however I have not purchased one for myself yet so I do not have a specific brand that I can personally recommend. One more word of advise that I forgot to mention earlier is that if you purchase one through Amazon it will be covered under their a-z guarantee program which should help a lot in getting warranty problems resolved over buying from an independent seller in case you happen to receive a defective scooter. On the other hand if you can save a lot of money by purchasing one from another website then you could put the money saved into a parts fund for the scooter to buy replacement parts when and if needed. Self balancing scooters have a minimum number of components inside of them and replacing any of their parts is going to be a fairly fast and easy job. The self balancing scooters at the link you attached which are on sale for $239.99 with free shipping is the best price that I have seen them sold for so far, however when I found their terms and conditions page I noticed that all products are sold "as-is" or "with all faults".
Appreciate the info.  Esp. catching that warranty info.  Will stay away from  hat one.  Im bummed these company's are so mysterious, but fascinated by how popular these items despite lack of real info and brand recognition.  Its wierd.


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