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12vac to 36vdc

I Have Two 36v 1000watt Scooter Motors. I Am Currently Using 3 12 Volt Batteries To Power Them, coupled to a golf cart controller, and a Potentiometer For Speed Control?" Can I Make Them Work With A Generator?
 This is for a train I am building.
I want to eliminate the batteries. 
I'd rather put fuel in the tank, plus the generator runs the lights and compressor.

I presume that the generator will output 120VAC instead of 12VAC, however, please correct me if I am wrong. A 36 Volt DC power supply with 120 AC input could be used to supply input power to the speed controller. 36 Volt DC power supplies are available for high power applications such as for running two 1000 Watt motors.  

That's great to hear. So, do you have the parts to make this happen, how much are they, and how hard would this be to install?
Thanks for the speedy reply.

We do not carry 36 Volt DC converters. An online search for them will pull up many electronics stores and marketplaces that sell them though. Installation should be extremely easy with only three wires for the input and two wires for the output.

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