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Self Balancing Scooter, Smart Balance Wheel, Hoverboard, and Other Names

I searched and found that the most popular name for these scooters is Self Balancing Scooter. However they are also being called by many other names as well such as Balance Scooter, Smart Balance Wheel, Hoverboard, Drift Board, Swegway, and Mini Segway. The name on the box that most of these scooters are sold in is Smart Balance Wheel. One of the most humorous names I have seen them called is a 2 Wheel Unicycle, because the very meaning of unicycle is a vehicle with one wheel, I do understand how they balance in the forward and backward directions identically to a unicycle though. My favorite term for any self balancing scooter is to simply call it a Seg.

Self balancing scooters are currently being sold under a very large number of brand names. There are possibly over a hundred brand names they are being sold under. I will list the names I have heard of below. If anyone knows of any other common or brand names for these scooters please feel free to reply.

Brand Names:

  • Ameritoy
  • Aszune
  • Audew
  • Bab
  • Bedicar
  • Drift Board
  • EaseeTop
  • FunAce
  • Erover
  • Exooter
  • GalaxyBoard
  • GyroPad
  • Hoverboard
  • HoverBoost
  • IO Hawk
  • i-Scooter
  • Kash Technology
  • KiiRover
  • Leray
  • Monorover
  • Outtop
  • Powerboard
  • Powerextra
  • Phunkeeduck
  • RoverFX
  • Ruichy
  • ShimonTech
  • Skeeterboard
  • Smart Wheels
  •  Sprocker
  • Stark
  • Swagway
  • Swegway
  •  TG-Q3
  • Vivovill
  • Weecoo
  •  Witech
  • Yaha
  • Ziznba
  • Zscoot

Well, I've own a hoverboard/ electric scooter from you guys. At the beginning, I found it was hard to ride it (it really took me a while to understand how it work & the user manual was bad) However, after I learned how to use it I found it is ABSOLUTELY FUN.


Thanks for share such unknown information about the hoverboard names. I know only 4 to 5 names of these hoverboards. But I never imagined that Hoverboard could have such many names. However, I have a Hoverboard of mine which was ordered from the Betterscooter store. Initially, I was felt trouble to ride on it and now I ma enjoying to ride on it.

Nice list, I'm going to use it for an article on my site that I have about hoverboards. I'll be sure to link to you when I get it up.

Segaway, Cool&Fun hoverboard,

I didn't even know there are so many brands selling hoverboards! Great list, thanks ;).

I bought a hoverboard for both my daughters for Christmas and the rode them for about 1 hour and it needed to be charged. They plugged them in and the red light came on but after i looked at it 30 minutes later the red light was off and it wasnt charging anymore. I picked up the charger and it was hot as heck on both of them. One of the chargers you could see a faint red light and we plugged in one of the hoverboards and now the hoverboard will not even turn on or do anything. Any help would be appreciated.

I own a SWAGTRON T1 . and have to say it is pretty good. Only problem I can say is the battery doesn't stay as long I was expecting. So other than that I am quite happy. I was researching a lot before buying it.

But didn't need to know all this brands name really. I just went to the top brands.I am writing my own blog about best hoverboard. So planning to buy one more at the beginning of next month.Looking at Segway minipro at this stage, but still expensive though. But I might look at  some other brands too this time. 

Swheels is the best! :D

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