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Need help in Building Selfbalancing Electric Uniscooter.

Hi Team,


I wish to build a Uni Electric MotorCycle. Needed your inputs as to how and what can be done to make it a success.


My criteria is as follows.


1. Want it to be a single tyre built

2. Should have a battery standby of minimum 1 day

3. Should have a maximum speed of 70 to 80 Kmph

4. Should cover about 100kms on one single charge.

5. Gearless

6. Selfbalancing


Your thoughts and ideas would be of great help for me to build my dream selfbalancing electric uniscooter.


Obliged for your inputs and valuable ideas.


Dear Team, 

Humble request for you to please help me in this subject asap. 

Hi Sebastian, we do not have any experience with designing or building self balancing vehicles so at this point in time we cannot offer any advice on the subject. A Google search for 'how to build a self balancing unicycle' yielded many search results so you may want to start there to get more information on the subject.

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