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Razor Hovertrax Fire Hazard

My friend just bought a Razor Hovertrax self balancing scooter. I've read a lot online about these things posing fire hazards with the lithium ion battery. My question is, should he worry about the battery exploding? Found a helpful Hoverboard Fire Safety Review but looking for a little more expert info on the topic...

Razor sells the only legally licensed hover board in the United States and they are a large corporation with plenty of product liability insurance. Also there has not been a single report of a Razor Hovertrax catching fire unlike many other hover board brands. I believe that Razor is the safest company to purchase a hover board from for these reasons. Razor has a lot of assets and does not want any legal or insurance problems so their hover board design and strict factory quality control measures makes them the safest hover board on the market. If I were to buy a hover board then it would definitely be a Razor Hovertrax.
What you really need to know is that the fire hazard is mostly as a result of using a cheap (and also illegal) battery. There are several manufacturers that make the 18650 battery. By law, any battery sold in the US capable of supplying more than 2 amps of current must have internal short circuit protection. If you buy one that has Samsung batteries in it, these batteries have internal protection. There are several different types of Li-ion batteries. The ones made by Samsung are Li-iron. Li-iron batteries inherently run cooler than other types of Li-ion batteries. This prevents them from overheating when charging or from extended hard use. The Samsung batteries also have internal short circuit protection, which prevents fire if one battery goes bad. It should also be noted that Li-iron batteries last 2 to 3 times as long as other types of Li-ion batteries. They are also more tolerant of over charging, The only disadvantage to Li-iron is that the do not have as great of capacity. I consider that a small trade off, compared to their longevity and abuse resistance.
It should be noted that some companies have made counterfeit Samsung batteries. You need to actually look at the battery its self to know for sure. The external battery pack label can be counterfeit.

Yes, according to reports batteries are causing such fire catching problem. That's why some hoverboard company have to recall their products. Recently I found  that for confirming the safety of hoverboard users a UL standard certification applied for all suppliers. It will verify the hoverboard products of supplier and approve it that it's safe for using or not. Few stores like "Betterscooter" able to achieve such certifications.

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