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Razor E300 Electric Scooter Version Numbers

What do the different versions of E300 scooter parts mean? Do parts of the same version only work together? On the Razor website the parts aren't labeled with a version number. It looks like version 20 is your most recent version so would the parts on the Razor website be version 20?

Different version Razor scooters have one or more different parts. All parts of the same version work together and may also work with different versions. On the Razor website the scooter's serial number has to be entered to order a part that is version specific, and then they will send the correct part for that version. Some of their parts are for older versions while other parts are only for the newest version. By entering the serial number the availability of parts for that version can be determined.

So what version would the serial number, 100620-17 be?

That is a version 17. On all Razor scooters the seventh and eight numbers are the version number.

I have a version 29 pocket mod "little Red" it just wont run. new batteries, new controller and throttle. it keeps blowing fuses. no one seems to have the correct on off switch for this old model. but after replacing the parts I could find still the same problems??

I have great news about the switches. We are having Razor Pocket Mod version 13-44 switches being made for us right now. We should have this switch back in stock in around three weeks.

The Pocket Mod takes a 30 Amp fuse. If the fuse keeps blowing then that is usually caused by a miswiring. Do you have any way of taking and attaching photos of the wiring for us to take a look at?

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