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Building a trike mobility scooter

My wife currently has a Zappy made by Zap and loves it except for when going up a hill or in grass the front wheel loses traction.  I am building her a similar design but I want to drive from the rear wheels.  My question is drive motor options.  If a live axle will it turn?  Would a transaxle be better or dual drive motors?  She like the speed of this one at about 13 MPH and the light weight design so want to keep it similar.  She also like the freewheel going down hills when in a campground and running the dogs.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Okay that sounds good. I will let our bench technician know to look for your note in the shipment, installing in line connectors will not be a problem. I will check today and see if the package you sent us has been received.
Has this package been received?  I am ready to get these parts ordered and project under way.  I sent a service ticket yesterday with my phone number.  Please call me so we can get details on the wiring worked out ASAP.


The package with the headlight has been received, I noticed it on the receiving table when I was in the shop last week. I am not part of the customer service team so I will not be responding to your support ticket, our customer service team will take care of that though. I recommend that any special instructions for the kit including wiring details be submitted in writing or with drawings, as details like these are often misunderstood when communicated over the phone. If you could let me know how you would like the wiring to be worked out I will be glad to add those directions to the kit. Any details like the lengths of the wires or positions of additional connectors we can accommodate. When the kit has been completed I will have our bench technician call you to collect for the additional labor to install the headlight assembly. We will round that up to the nearest minute so the labor fee will be as fair as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the quick reply.  Was hoping to have these parts next week if possible.  I have attached a picture that is to scale of the rear portion of the scooter and also a PDF of the handlebar area that I just sketched quickly this morning. I am sure there may be some questions so please have them call to explain. 


I need all the connections at the handlebar area that need to go to the motors, controllers to have 48" of wire to the inline connector, then from the other end of the connector to the motors and controllers directly to have 30-32" of leads.  I have a plastic body or hood going over all the batteries and motors that I want to be able to separate quickly if needed to remove the front wheel, handlebar area from the main body of the scooter for traveling or airline reasons. 


Please include in the kit the other items I requested as well as 2 of a SHK-614.


Thanks much,

(1.35 MB)
That sounds good. I just added the following parts to the kit:

1 qty. GRP-60SET

1 qty. WHL-1053

1 qty. BRK-480L

2 qty. SHK-614

I printed out the wire length instructions and drawings and gave them to our bench tech. Making it like that should be no problem at all. I will have our bench tech give you a call if he has any questions.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if there is anything else that I can help you with.

Order has been placed.  Please be sure they send the headlamp module with the kit.  Thanks you!

You got it. We will definitely send the headlight module back to you with the kit. I was there when the headlight was being tested and we figured out how it was wired so we will be able to incorporate it into the kit. Thanks for your purchase of the kit and please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

We got the kit finished today and working perfectly. The Zappy headlight key turns on the power at first click to the right and the headlight turn on at the second click to the right. We found that the horn built into the headlight is actually a speaker, and not really a horn, so we could not get it to work by sending 36 Volt DC power to it. You will need to send and audio signal to it to get it to work, or use an external 36 Volt horn.

We wired one motor to spin clockwise, and the other motor to spin counterclockwise as indicated by the motor positions on your drawing. Everything was wired to your specifications and all of the connectors are labeled for easy assembly. The kit was finished today around closing time so it did not ship out today, however we will have it shipped out and on its way to you tomorrow.

Received all parts and well packaged.  


Well my part is finally finished and I want to thank Electric Scooter Parts for all your help. Wife has some decals coming for it and has test drove and it works great.  Traction is amazing in grass, snow, gravel, you name it.


(179 KB)
(176 KB)
(166 KB)
(191 KB)
(238 KB)
 what is the speed and milage per charge at this time.


it is geared to run about 14 MPH.  Live in Iowa so has not been on a long run yet to test batteries.  

Question for electric scooter parts folks.  I just took it out in the yard for a good hard test drive, it runs off one motor unless the switch is activated for the second one.  With one motor it has very low power, batteries are fully charged.  I kick the second motor in and it feels like it has 4 times the power.  How do I get more power from the main drive motor?  Could there be something wrong with it?  Since one motor is running in reverse all the time could this be the issue?  Just shooting out thoughts...  Thanks for any help in advance.

Electric motors do have brush timing which effects their speed and torque in forward and reverse. A neutrally timed electric motor will have the same speed and torque in both forward and reverse, while an electric motor with advanced brush timing will have more speed and less torque in forward, and less speed and more torque in reverse.

From reading your description it sounds like those motors on your scooter have advanced brush timing. One way to get equal speed out of two motors with advanced brush timing is to run them in the same direction. Another way would be to find an electric motor rebuilder who could go into the reverse running motor and change its brush timing so it would run at the same speed as the other motor.

Or you could leave it as is and the faster motor will help with obtaining higher vehicle speeds and the slower motor will help with going up hills and steep grades.

thanks  I like your build and have started 1 like it.  what is the end weight.


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