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Building a trike mobility scooter

My wife currently has a Zappy made by Zap and loves it except for when going up a hill or in grass the front wheel loses traction.  I am building her a similar design but I want to drive from the rear wheels.  My question is drive motor options.  If a live axle will it turn?  Would a transaxle be better or dual drive motors?  She like the speed of this one at about 13 MPH and the light weight design so want to keep it similar.  She also like the freewheel going down hills when in a campground and running the dogs.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Not sure if you remember or have records of this build but I need to either get more power through re-gearing or different motors.  It goes plenty fast so I am hoping changing gears will help.  By reading through this I think we ended up with 80 tooth on the wheels and 11 on the motors.  Can you give me some suggestions?


try a 10 tooth on motor.

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