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What size motor Do i need?

I am building a electric Quad. I have one of those cheap quad frames. I am looking for what size motor i need to move it loaded plus pull a trailer.. In sand and at 30 degree incline on some duns. So lets go with a weight i will never hit 1,000 pounds. The quad has 14.5 inch tall tires. I need to do walking speed and if i can go faster its just a plus.. I was going to use two 24volt 450watt  480rpm geared motors running the same axel witch is 1.190 O.D.  Or is that over kill ? can i use one 36volt 600watt geared down motor??? 

I have been looking into this today and found that it would be very difficult to calculate the power needed to move a 1000 pound vehicle up a 30 degree incline of sand. The toughest value to calculate is the rolling resistance that the sand will create at a 30 degree incline with a 1000 pound load on the tires. Without the help of a mechanical engineer I am not sure if this calculation could be done.

However from my experiences building electric scooters and bikes I do not think it would be overkill to use two 450 Watt motors, or even two 600 Watt motors. I am more concerned that 900 Watts or 1200 Watts would not be enough power to do the job because of the steepness of the incline, weight of vehicle, and the surface that it will be used on.

I would start with using the most powerful motor or combination of motors that I could and then do some test runs and see if they will do the job.

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