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Electric Scooter for Sand Terrain


I'd like to build an electric scooter for persons with mobility issues to assist them to traverse the soft white sand to access the beaches, ocean, get their feet wet :O)

The vehicle must be able to cut the sand AND climb the ADA ramps incline (nominally at 1in rise per 1ft run)

I'm thinking 18" dia, 8" wide rear tires to cut the sand.  Maybe all we need is 15" !?!

MAX speed is 6mph (speed is not a factor here)

Passenger weight is 220lb with cargo weight of <= 30lb

I'm thinking torque over speed.

My question is, is what size motor/controller do I need to use in this build?  And can I be supplied with same?


Al Toman

Okay.  I already got the sprocket, double flange to mount it to the wheel, and 2 rear free wheel hubs.  So, I'll buy the #35 chain from you when my order arrives (you already shipped) and I'll return the sprocket and chain. 
Then we can do the credit/charge thing! 
Mmm!?!  I'll see the motor sprocket when it comes, I guess, what I can do there.  Will keep you posted!  NEVER done this before :O)  It's REALLY exciting!  Can't wait!

Thanks for your support!!!
I got the stuff.  I haven't had time to look through it all but it is on the list :O)

Hi Al, great to hear that you received the kit. If you have any questions before or during the installation please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you.

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