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Kit for building a small vehicle for school project


We have a project at school to build a small electric vehicle which could carry a weight of about 80lbs. It can be as basic as possible. it can be battery powered or electric powered. I would like to know what are the parts that I should buy for building this.... 

Please respond ASAP as this is a time bound project.

What is the top speed that you would like the vehicle to go?

Hi, Thanks for the response.

Top speed doesn't matter much. 2-4 mph should be good enough.

Do you want the vehicle to have variable speed controlled by a throttle, or on-off single speed controlled by a switch? Also how many minutes of run time would you like for it to have?

Can you please provide the kit info for both variable speed control and on-off single speed?

Run time for about 10 mins is good. 

Yes I can quote kit prices and information for both variable speed control and on-off single speed. For a 2-4 mph top speed I will need to figure out the gear ratio and what size sprockets to use. What is the diameter of the tire that will be driven by the motor?

Is there any suggestions you can make on this? I do not have any parts, I will have to buy everything. 

A new or used go kart could be converted to have electric power, or the electric vehicle could be made 100% from scratch. I am not sure what your ideas or fabricating capabilities are for the vehicle. Here is a photo of an electric cart made from scratch by one of our customers who had access to metal fabricating equipment.

Out plan is to build one with wooden plank and axles/wheels. Preferably from scratch.  As I said earlier, it can be a basic one. 

Hi, Just wanted to see if you had a chance to look into this for me?

We do not have any wheels with a drive sprocket and axles available that could be used to build a four wheel cart (we mostly have parts for 2 wheel scooters). For a low budget build wheels and axles could be sourced at a hardware store and for a higher budget build from a go kart parts store.

However we can supply all of the electrical and drivetrain parts for the project. Gearing the cart to go 2-4 mph is possible but will require using a gear motor. It would be less expensive to use a standard motor and gear the cart to go around 10 mph.


What do you mean by a standard motor? Can you please suggest the parts that I will need for building the vechicle with the specifications I mentioned earlier?

Couple of days ago you posted a picture build by one of your customer. Can I get some more information on how it was built? the parts list etc.


OK, I can get the axles and wheels from somewhere else. Can you please provide me with the list and quote for the drive train parts?  

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