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Kit for building a small vehicle for school project


We have a project at school to build a small electric vehicle which could carry a weight of about 80lbs. It can be as basic as possible. it can be battery powered or electric powered. I would like to know what are the parts that I should buy for building this.... 

Please respond ASAP as this is a time bound project.

 We sell two types of motors, standard motors which do not have gear reduction, and gear motors which have gear reduction built into them.

The cart in the photo I posted was made with a 250 Watt standard motor, 250 Watt controller, and a battery pack made with two 12V 12Ah batteries. We have kits which have all of the electrical components used to make it on this page:

I can also make a custom kit for your project specifically for your requirements. For example if you only need a short amount of run time I can make a kit with smaller batteries which will keep the cost down, or if you need a long run time I can make a kit with larger batteries. I can also figure out what size sprockets are needed for a certain top speed. For example if you need the cart to have a 2-4 mpg top speed then I can make a kit with a gear motor and correct size wheel sprocket, or if you want the cart to have a 10-15 mph top speed then I can calculate what sprockets it would need and include a standard motor with that kit.

In order to run gear ratio calculations I would need to know the diameter of the drive tire, the target top speed, and if the cart will be used on flat ground or for going up hills.


We need it for a short run time of about 6 mins and a top speed of 5mph. The cart will be used on flat ground only.

I would like to keep the wheels as small as possible. Is there a place you can suggest for wheels and axle? 


A top speed of 5 mph will require larger and more expensive parts than a top speed of 10mph because a large gear motor will need to be used instead of a small standard motor. Could the cart have a top speed of 10 mph and be controlled with the throttle to go 5 mph?

For a low budget school project cart I recommend using a threaded rod for the axle and lawn mower wheels from a local hardware or home improvement store. If the budget for the cart is higher then axles and wheels from any online go kart parts store could be used.

Here are some parts that I have in mind for your project:

  • Motor - MOT-24100
  • Controller - SPD-24250A
  • Throttle - THR-90
  • Batteries - Two 12V 5Ah
  • Charger - 24V 0.6A

The size of the wheel sprocket depends on the size of the wheel. Once you know which size wheel you will be using then we can figure that out. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I am planning to use a 6 inch wheel. The axle is about 1/2" in diameter. Assuming these specifications, can you please provide me with the list of parts? 

Just wondering why would we need 2 batteries?


The lowest Voltage motors and controllers available are 24 Volts and batteries are 12 Volts, so two batteries are needed to make a 24 Volt battery pack.

I switched the kit from a 100 Watt motor to a 250 Watt motor because it has a base on it and will be much easier to mount than the 100 Watt motor. I included a 55 tooth sprocket because it is the largest one we have that will work with a 6" wheel. With the 55 tooth sprocket the cart will have a top speed of 9.49 MPH. The speed will be regulated by the foot throttle though so the cart will go any speed that you want it to.

I made the kit for your project. It is item # KIT-103. Here is a link to the kit:

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like any changes made to the kit. 

Hi, Can we not use a 100Watt motor? The amount for the kit is exceeding way beyond the allocated budget for the project. 

You can use the 100 Watt motor if you prefer.

I could change the motor in the kit from 250 Watt to 100 Watt and that would lower the kit price by $25 so the kit would be $175.00. Would that be OK?

Couple of questions.

Do you have any motors which can use direct power supply instead of battery power?

What is the size of the Sprocket and how would it fit on a 1/2" axle?

Does the chain come in standard sizes or do we have to adjust the links?

We do not have any motors that work on 120V AC power from a wall socket, all of our motors run on DC power from batteries.

The sprocket size on the 100 Watt motor is 9 teeth for #25 chain. The motor sprocket would connect to the axle or wheel sprocket with a #25 chain. The sprocket would need an adapter in order to be installed onto a live axle. The adapter would need to be fabricated out of steel. It would probably be easier to use wheels with bearings and have one wheel drive instead of a live axle, then the sprocket could be mounted onto the wheel instead of the axle. For projects like this the sprocket can usually be mounted to the wheel with bolts and spacers, or with spacers and welding.

There is no standard size in regards to chain length. Most scooters use chains that are around 100 links though so that is the most standard length of chain. Chain can be made smaller by using a chain breaker which we sell.

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