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Hooverboard wont charge

Hi i just got a hooverboard but when i connect the charger to the wall the light turns green, as soon as i connect it to the scooter the light turns red but starts blinking and never stops. And i left it for more than 2 hours and it did not charge. What can i do

When the red light on a battery charger blinks that is a sign that something is wrong with either the charger or battery pack. Since in this case the red light does not blink when the charger is plugged into the wall and not plugged into the hoverboard that indicates that the battery charger is most likely working properly and that the problem is most likely with the charger port or battery pack.

A battery charger with blinking red light when plugged into the wall only could indicate one of these problems:

  • A faulty battery charger (replace charger).

A battery charger with blinking red light when plugged into the wall and scooter could indicate one of these problems:

  • The charger port is wired incorrectly to the control module or battery pack and has reverse polarity or a short circuit (replace charger port).
  • ¬†The battery pack has loose or incorrectly wired connections (check battery pack to control module connection).
  • The battery packs Voltage it too low which indicates to the charger that it is faulty and can not be recharged (replace battery).
  • The battery charger is not supplying enough power to recharge the battery pack (replace charger).

I would start by taking the shell off of the hoverboard and checking the charger port wiring and connectors, and also checking the battery pack wires and connector to make sure they are in good condition and are properly seated where they plug into the control module.

Where can I find a wiring diagram?


Found a loose wire black and red that leads to a white plug in. Clips in somewhere?

Joe I have the same loose wire black and red that you have. Did you find out where to connect the white plug in?

I faced similar issues from one hoverboard I purchased, what they told me was, that i have to keep it plugged in for 15 mins even if it does not charge, after 15 minutes it will start charging. It worked for me.

I have exactly some problem but I found short circuit between +&- on the board Until now I didn't know how I can solve it Any advice ?
I removed all wires and plugs still Short circuit between black and red wire I need rely helping I have over 100 PCs like that !!

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