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What electrical parts do I need to build my 6 year old son an electric cart?

Hello, I am building an electric cart for my 6 year old son and need a little help with the electrical parts/ wiring etc. I already have a 250w 24v 11 tooth brush motor (MY1016) and 2 x 12volt 20amp deep cycle batteries and charger. The rest of the steel frame cart is built with most of its parts salvaged from on old kids quad bike.

I am guessing I would still need the following items:

-1 foot throttle (THR-90 or THR-91)

-1 speed controller box 250w 24v (SPD-24250A)

-1 key switch

- 1 relay ? 

- 30 amp fuse ?


The cart with batteries will weigh approximately 50 pounds and my son weighs 65 pounds. 115 pounds total. Will all this weight need a heavy duty speed control box? more batteries etc etc.

Ideally i do not want the cart to go any faster than 10mph. It has 10 inch wheels and a rear sprocket with 65 teeth. Can i put a speed limiter on the cart in the electrical system if it goes to fast? I guess i could simple build a stop to stop the foot throttle fully opening.

Any help would be greatly and hugely appreciated, as the electrical side of this project is not something that I excel in. 

Thank you


There is nothing else that you would need. The SPD-24250A speed controller has a built in relay so you will not need a relay. Here is an illustration showing the parts needed to power an electric cart:

The only thing missing in this illustration is the battery charger.  It sounds like all you will need are a throttle, controller, power switch, fuse holder with fuse, and possibly a charger port if you do not already have one.

A 250 Watt motor will have enough power to pull a 115 pound load with the proper gearing and with a 250 Watt speed controller. Most 250 Watt MY1016 motors have a 2500 rpm top speed and 10 tooth sprocket. I ran some gear ratio calculations with your motor, sprockets, and wheel and found that it will have a top speed of around 11 mph, so I do not think that it will need a speed limiter. Here is the calculation:

I hope this information helps. I can make a pre-wired kit with matching and labeled connectors out of the throttle, controller, and key switch of your choice if you would like. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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