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DIY Motorized Electric Beach Wagon

I'm building a 48" x 24" beach wagon cart. I'll be using 30cm Wheeleez on it ( Specs attached).

Usage will be about under an hour and half, cargo weight NOT including cart or all electrical components should be under 200 lbs.

I liked this kit you designed but the weight of the batteries might be too much. I think a 350w motor should be enough


This kit looks like it would work as well with the 12 ah batteries but with a 350w motor instead.


I'd need a sprocket that fit my tires.

Thank you,

I do not have any sprockets that directly bolt onto Wheeleez wheels. That part of the build may take a little bit of customization to create. 

I can build an electrical kit for your project like KIT-140 but with a 350 Watt gear motor. Do you want the new kit to have reverse like KIT-140 does?

How about Kit 105, with a reverse switch? Do you think a 3 350w motor would be strong enough? What would be the max weight a 350w motor would work well with? I definitely need a motor with a flat surface mount, because I'd be mounting under the carriage. 

The maximum weight that a 350 Watt motor will work with depends on the gear ratio. A beach wagon with a gear ratio that provides a 3-4 mph top speed a 350 Watt motor can work with a heavy load up to 300 pounds.

I made a gear ratio calculation for your project using a 30cm wheel, a 44 tooth wheel sprocket, and the 350 Watt gear motor and got a 3.03 mph top speed. 3.1 mph is considered to be the average walking speed. With a 3.03 mph top speed a 350 Watt motor will provide more than enough power to move heavy loads through sand and up ramps and inclines. Here is the gear ratio calculation:

I can make a kit similar to KIT-105 except with a 350 Watt gear motor, reversing speed controller, and handlebar mount reverse switch. Do you want a battery pack and battery charger to be included with the kit?

I am building a similar beach cart.  Can you give a complete parts list to order?  When I try to search Kit-105 it does not look complete,  chain, sproket, controller, battery, charger, wiring. 

Hi Tkurucz, KIT-105 is a basic kit that only contains a few of the parts necessary to electrify a vehicle. We have more comprehensive kits available that have practically every part needed to electrify a beach cart. I can also modify an existing kit with different parts or build a new kit from scratch. For a beach cart project a gear motor is commonly used so the cart can go around walking speed and have a lot of power to go through sand and up ramps and inclines. Here are the kits we have right now that would work best for beach carts:





All of Our Beach Kits:

If you find a kit that looks good for the project but you would prefer different size batteries, a different throttle, etc. then please let me know and I can make a new kit to your specifications. I can also help with gearing and sprocket size selection if there is a top speed that you would like the cart to have.

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