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DIY Electric motorbike. Where to start?

Hello. I would like to build an electric bike where I would get good mileage over a single recharge. I am new to this and still learning about the set up process, the connections and types of motors etc... 

I have 5 batteries that I spared and already have a donor bike. With 5 12V batteries, I guess I could go with a 60V motor or more to prepare for the future. I would like to add more batteries for more power later. 

Could you tell me what are the parts that I will need and how to connect it all together? I figured I could just take a kit with a brushless motor as it seems to be quite easy to install but I will need to make everything else work and connect it all together; the tail lights, the front LED lights, the horn etc....

Your help on this matter would be very much appreciated. Thank you! 

Do you know if you would like to use a front or rear wheel hub motor, or use a gear motor with a chain to drive the rear wheel?

I would prefer to use a gear motor with a chain. I had a hub motor before. Easy to install and everything but not powerful enough and for the price, it is hard to upgrade. I could easily change sprockets if using a gear motor with a chain and gear to help me go faster on straight roads and climb uphills faster. 

Good call going with the gear motor instead of a hub motor. We have gear motors for electric bicycles available in both 24 Volt and 36 Volt versions and in 250 Watt, 350 Watt, and 450 Watt power ranges. Since you already have five batteries you might want to consider using a 24 Volt motor because four 12 Volt batteries can be made into a 24 Volt battery pack. There is no advantage to use a 36 Volt motor over using a 24 Volt motor if they are both have the same Watt rating.

I can custom make a kit with any combination of parts that you would like. A good place to start is to look at one of our DIY bicycle kits on this page:

I can make a similar kit to KIT-540 without the batteries and charger, or without the batteries and with a larger charger for a bigger battery pack. If you have any suggestions for a kit please let me know.

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