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Hub Drive

I want to create an electric wagon for my fast-pitch daughter and want to start off with a wagon from Baja Wagons.

Do you have an electric kit that can mount to a hub for a spindle type wheel.

I see the axel type on your website that requires a sprocket and chain, but I'm not sure that would work with the Baja set-up.

I am not quite sure what type of power transmission system you are referring to by "mount to a hub for a spindle type wheel". I think you may be looking for a motor that will transmit power to the wheel through gears?

All of the motors that we carry have chain sprockets or belt cogs on them for a chain and sprocket or belt and cog type of power transmission system.

When looking at photos of the Baja Wagons I notice that for a chain and sprocket power transmission system a motor mount could be welded onto the axle of the 4-link suspension model, or onto the swing arm of the swing-arm suspension model. Then a chain could be installed between the motor's sprocket and a sprocket that is attached to one of the wheels.

I may not have understood your question though so if you have any further questions please let me know.

What I think Jim is thinking about is the adapter shown at  this adapter to fit a sprocket to a wheel hub.  The adapter comes in two halves such that the adapter clamps tightly around the wheel's hub.  I don't think that this adapter can handle a lot of torque since it is just a friction fit.  But the legs of the adapter extend through the forks (thinking of a bicycle wheel) to which the sprocket (of any requisite size) bolts.

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