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Yard cart / garden cart

Hi, I need some help regarding powering a yard cart. Sorry I am new to this so please forgive any questions that may sound obvious. Appreciate any input.

1) I need to move at-least 2 loads of dirt from front of my yard to back. yard actually slopes down but has a good 250 ft walk as well. then cart will be empty coming back up the incline.

2) Then it will be used to move some material (wood etc).

3) Once these projects done - will be used for general yard / garden work

Based on all these appears that - it will need to carry about 300-400lb, will need high torque, should be able to convert from dump cart to flat bed cart, should be able to go at-least 1-2 hrs between charging. 

Looking at these, Gorilla cart type of wagon may be a good option, however do not know if anybody had experience with this? are there better option (which might be easier to covert)

- I looked at some other threads, but wasn't quite sure... a) where does the motor and battery go in this kind to set up? Do you have to make a separate mounting assembly for the battery and motor?

-I have 2, 12V, 35 amp batteries, can I use these for this project (but need to be removed easily)

-would a thumb-lever throttle be easier to install instead to twist throttle (as this may need cutting the handle)

-I dont think gorilla cart has a live axle, how will the sprocket connect to the motor, if its going to be near the wheel.


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I do not have any experience with Gorilla type yard carts so I am not able to answer any questions regarding them however I have a lot of experience and can help you with the electrical part of the project.

For the amount of weight and terrain that the cart will be used for a 36 Volt 600 Watt gear motor would be best to use. We also have 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motors which will do the job but will not have quite as much power as a 600 Watt motor. If you use a 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motor then your two 12 Volt 35Ah batteries can be used for the project.

The most important part of designing the electrical system is figuring out the right gear ratio and sprocket sizes so the cart will run at walking speed when it is at full throttle. We have gear ratio calculators which can be used to figure this out so the gearing can be made perfect the first time.

Both our thumb throttles and twist throttles fit the same size 7/8" OD handlebars so they should be interchangeable. On a yard cart a thumb throttle is most commonly used so the speed is not affected if the cart handle is raised or lowered while the cart is in motion.

Once you know which cart you are going to add a motor to and what its wheel diameter is then I can help with figuring out the gear ratio and what size wheel or axle sprocket to use.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I'm looking at something similar, but do not need to haul nearly this much weight - max 250 pounds which includes the weight of the cart.  I'd like to create something similar to the cart in the right side of the picture.

This cart has 26" diameter wheels with a hollow hub.  I haven't been able to 'engineer' a freewheel attachment to drive one of the wheels.  I want to use a thumb throttle since there's really no 'handlebar' on this cart.

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