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Centre pivot pin and bushes

Hi I have an iScooter with heavy wear on the central pin and bushes, allowing a lot of play , which is most noticeable when picking up the unit at the centre joint. I have inspected the worn parts. The pin (which has a circlip at either end) is badly scored and the bushes are also badly worn, almost all the way through to the aluminium frame. I have been unable to find a supplier of the pin and bushes. Can anyone help? Regards Craig

I do not believe that the central pivot pin and its two brass bushings are available as individual parts and they are only available along with the purchase of a new chassis frame.

The reason for this is that the bushings are pressed into the frame so they are not replaceable unless you have a shop press and the right size pin to press them out with.

However if anyone else knows where to buy these parts then please let us know.

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