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Charging Problem Red to Green in 5 minutes

Since the battery charger has green light when only plugged into the wall, and then its light turns and stays red for 10 minutes after plugging it into the scooter, and then turns green, chances are very high that the battery charger is working properly. There could be a problem with the battery pack such as a faulty cell which is causing it to only last a couple of minutes after it is fully charged. If you have a multimeter I recommend testing the battery pack Voltage after it is fully charged, and then again after the scooter is used for a few minutes and stops running. If the battery pack Voltage significantly decreases after it is used for a couple of minutes then that would point towards the battery pack being faulty. I read this how could I fix a faulty cell?
I read this on another post how could fix a faulty cell
Well actually after it did that I tried turning it on but it just says Bluetooth mode and turns off and so I plugged it in at a different outlet and the light stays green when plugged into both the wall and board

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