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Single wheel disability walker

I recently made a single wheel disability walker, to enable myself to control a festinating gait (tendency to lurch forwards from a walk into a run and difficulty stopping) due to Parkinson's.  I used the front wheel, forks, brake and handlebars of a bicycle with a small front wheel and it works well.  I'm now looking to make a more portable machine with a smaller front wheel, reducible steering column and disc brake for more controllable stopping. 

I need advice to tell me whether I could make the front part of the eZIP 1000 scooter - with working front disc brake, wheel, steering column and handlebars - using the parts I have listed below.  Have I missed anything ?

- Front wheel with tire and tube

- Forks

- Brake lever set

- Front brake cable

- Disc brake caliper with brake pads

- Folding handlebars

Many thanks


It looks like all of parts on your list would do the job. However the eZip 1000 front wheel has been discontinued and is no longer available. I checked and we do not have any other front wheels with mounting holes for a disk brake rotor available. Currie has discontinued making eZip and IZIP scooters so many of their parts are becoming obsolete now. You might want to look into making your walker out of parts from another brand of scooter which is still being made and has all of their parts available still.

Thank you; much appreciated.  I will check into other scooters to see if I can get the parts.

Best regards


I  have built a mobility cart but made the steering too flimsy so I am looking for front wheel fork that will  take a MARTIN wheel 1/2" axle

We do not carry any front wheel forks that are specifically made for Martin wheels with 1/2" axles. You might want to look into having that part custom made by a metal fabrication shop.

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