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Building an electric beach wagon


We would like to build a motorized beach wagon for my dad. We have read several of the forums on this site and were hoping you could give us recommendations for a particular kit to meet our specifications. The cart we are using has 13¨x5.00-6 pneumatic tires and the cart dimensions are 48¨x24¨ (link below). We don´t care about having the reverse option and would prefer to be able to disengage and pull the cart manually if the battery were to run out. Also if possible we´d like to attach the on/off switch to the wagon handle. Thanks for your help!

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We do not have any parts that would fully disengage the motor from the wheels however we do have freewheel clutches that would allow the wagon to be pushed without engaging the motor, and would allow the motor to power the wheels when needed. These freewheel clutches only work with wagons that do not have reverse so they would be a good candidate for your project. We have on/off switches and throttles that fit on 7/8" OD tubes, and throttles that fit on both 7/8" and 1" OD tubes.

In order to recommend or make a kit for your project I just need to ask a few questions:

How much weight will the wagon need to carry?

How many minutes of run time does the wagon need to have?

Hi, Thanks for the quick response. The maximum it would need to hold is around 150 lbs although that would not be daily. He would use it for about 10 minutes going down to the beach and another 10 minutes later to go back up to the house. Thanks for your help!

I found a kit which should be perfect for your electric beach wagon project. It is item # KIT-328-C. Here is a link to it:

This kit will have a top speed of around 3.3 MPH when used with 13 inch tires, which is the perfect walking speed. Of course its speed is fully adjustable with the throttle so it can go any speed that is needed. Here is the gear ratio calculation for this kit with 13 inch tires.

We can modify this kit with other parts that we carry if you would like, such as a different style throttle. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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