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Help with building a electric scooter from scratch

Hi I appreciate anyone that would be able to guide me and help me with the neccessary parts and im pretty new to this. I found a reference from "works electric" which they built a B14 rover which i feel it is so powerful and I like it. 

I am looking at building a electric scooter that is powerful enough to go 

60-70 Km/h

Able to have the function to switch between 3 speed which Im able to preset it e.g Speed 1 @ 15kmh Speed 2 @ 25kmh Speed 3 at the max the motor can go.

I am looking at able to travel up to 60-100 km in distance in a single charge although I understand it also depends on how much hill I climb which may drain the battery faster.

I would like to have a fat tyre that is similar to B14 Rover kind running with Belt drive.

My weight is around 70 Kg if it does affect the speed.


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