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1/8 scale locomotive wrecker

Last year I purchased together, "SPD-24500" controller" and two "MOT-24250G" and handlebar thumb speed control with battery level indicators. The wire tags and wire colors of the controller do not, as far as I can see, match any schematic. See attached photo.
(1.58 MB)
(1.9 MB)
Here is a diagram showing how to wire the THR-132 throttle to the SPD-24500R-V2 controller.

If you want the power switch to be on the throttle and the reverse switch to be external from the throttle then simply reverse the power switch and reverse switch wires between these two switches.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

This is MY ride. 1/8 scale locomotive wrecker, (2) 24vdc-250w motors, 850lbs. Untested yet, but soon
(622 KB)
Thank you so much!

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